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This year, we’ve seen an above average number of leatherback nests in Florida, and green turtles have already surpassed our expectations for the season in the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge


As of July 3, considered the peak of nesting season, the ACNWR in Melbourne Beach, FL reported the following numbers: 

• Loggerhead: 10,325 nests
• Green: 2,755 nests
• Leatherback: 51 nests (no new nests recorded since 6/15)


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Meet a few of the turtles…

photo of Lulu sea turtle


photo of Mojito sea turtle


photo of Kirby sea turtle


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single baby turtle on beach

By the time a loggerhead comes to shore for the first time, she has spent about 30 years at sea. She excavates an egg chamber in the sand, deposits a clutch of approximately 100 to 120 eggs, and then covers the pit with sand before immediately returning to the dark ocean.

baby turltes scurrying

Like all sea turtles, loggerheads are easily disturbed by human activity and artificial lights when they come ashore to nest. Eggs face a number of risks. Nests may be flooded by tides on low-lying and eroding beaches, which can cause heavy mortality.


Thank you to all our friends that help to protect endangered sea turtles!

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